A luxury aroma sachet uniquely combining natural volcanic minerals with pure essential oils & natural compounds to create exotic aromas reminiscent of old Ceylon. Ideal to naturally fragrance cars, pillows, linen, bedding, drawers, wardrobes, suitcases & small interior spaces.
The Ceylon Tea & Ylang blend is a fusion of Ylang Ylang & Tuberose essential oils with Ceylon Tea essence. The blend gently infuses your living spaces with the power of aromaveda to soothe, protect & balance your body, mind & soul.
Our packaging is adorned with floral motifs inspired by traditional art from the grand Royal palaces of the ancient Kingdom of Ceylon.

Method of Use:    
* To use: Place sachet in suitable location, preferably close to air vents, inside pillow cases or under drawer liners.
* To refresh Aroma: Add a few drops of matching Aromaveda Home Fragrance Blend to Sachet as required.

Key Selling Points:    
* Community Trade Ingredients
* No Ingredients of Animal Origin
* Not Tested on Animals
* Environment Friendly
* Alcohol Free
* Solvent Free

100% Natural Ayurveda Actives:  * Ceylon Tea, * Ylang Ylang, * Tuberose.


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