Spa Ceylon GINGER SPICE Massage Balm

A 100% natural uplifting formula for intensive daily hydration & soothing massage. Enriched with precious hydrating fruit oils, powerful Ayurveda herbs & aromatic Ceylonese essential oils to help renew skin & balance skin tone.  

Naturally anti-oxidant Virgin Coconut & Soya help soften rough areas, while Sweet Almond improves overall health & well-being.  Wheatgerm & natural vitamins help nourish, moisturize & protect skin from extreme dry weather.

Organic Ceylon Cinnamon awakens skin, promoting skin health. Organic Ceylon Ginger Root invigorates mind & body. The synergistic blend helps calm & balance the senses.

Dosha: Kapha 

Skin Type: Best for normal to oily skin

Method of Use:

Body Massage: Apply on palms & rub hands together to heat balm, apply all over hands & body, massage & leave on.

Moisturising: Apply on rough/dry areas.

Works Well With: Ginger Spice - Crystal Body Polish and Ginger Spice - Bath & Shower Gel.

100% Natural Ayurveda Actives: 

* Cinnamon:  Awakens skin, promoting skin health

* Ginger: Invigorates mind & body

* Virgin Coconut:  Help soften rough areas

* Almond: Improves overall health & well-being

* Wheat: Nourish, moisturize & protect skin from dryness

* Sesame

Special Care and Awareness:  Not recommended for facial use. 

 Paraben Free
 Paraffin Free
 Alcohol Free
100% Vegetarian
 No ingredients of animal origin
 Not tested on Animals
 Promotes Sustainable Harvesting
 Supports community fair trade

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