100% pure natural essential oil distilled at source. Carefully processed to ensure rich natural aroma & benefits are preserved in every drop. The packing is adorned with insignia inspired by the Royal Kandyan courts of ancient Ceylon.

  • Warming
  • Protective
  • Strengthening

Skin Type:        Suitable For Oily & Problem Skin

Method of Use:  For Body Massage Treatment: add 2 drops into 50ml Spa Ceylon Virgin Coconut Massage Oil & use. For Aroma Veda Benefits: mix 2 drops & 25ml water into Spa Ceylon Oil Burner & leave to heat.

* 100% Vegetarian
* Against Animal Cruelty
* Promotes Sustainable Harvesting
* Supports Community Fair Trade

100% Natural Ayurveda Actives:  Pure essential oil of Tea Tree (Melaleuca alternifolia) leaf of Ceylon origin.