How Lighting Candles and Burning Incense brings about Health and Wellbeing

Flowers and herbs produce a natural aroma that is extremely soothing to the mind and body. Inhaling these perfumes can have a powerful healing effect, regardless of whether the ailment is physical, mental or emotional. It is this principle on which the ancient Ayurvedic practice of lighting candles and burning incense is built.

As a rule, Ayurveda uses only natural ingredients and this stands true of both candles and incense.  Candles in Ayurveda are made of natural waxes. Meanwhile, in keeping Ayurvedic principles, the ingredients that go into incense sticks comprise the five elements: ether (fruits), water (stems and branches), earth (roots), fire (flowers) and air (leaves).

Both candles and incense sticks make use of pure essential oils which infuses them with a rich fragrance. When lit, these candles and incense sticks release essential oil molecules into the air. As we breathe in the pleasant perfume, the molecules enter our respiratory system and, through that, into our blood stream, triggering the healing process.

Relief from physical afflictions

Different fragrances can heal different types of physiological ailments, from the common cold and sinusitis, to muscle pain and nausea. To find relief from these physical disorders, you should decide on the most suitable essential oil, light a candle or incense stick and breathe in the aroma. You can find an appropriate essential oil for a whole host of common physiological troubles. For instance, the peppermint and spearmint in our Forest Trail Aromaveda Natural Candle helps relieve muscle pains, ease headaches, decongest the nasal passage and resolve digestive problems. If you are struggling with fatigue and exhaustion, you could try the Ceylon Tea and Spice Ayurveda Natural Candle. The cinnamon in that will help rejuvenate and revive you, with the added benefit of also calming your nerves.

Candles and incense sticks in Ayurveda call on the restorative powers of nature. Lighting these are one step in your path to recovery when indisposed. While the belief in their curative effects go back many centuries, it is also vital to combine the lighting of candles and incense sticks with other Ayurvedic treatment so that you can recover more speedily and completely.

Mental and emotional wellbeing

Spa ceylon natural Incense

Physical illnesses are not the only ailments that candles and incense sticks can help heal. The fragrance emanating from these can either soothe or energize the mind, depending on the specific essential oils that are used. If you are overwhelmed or on edge, you can find calmness and a sense of wellbeing by lighting an Ylang Lavender Aromaveda Incense Stick. Lavender is renowned for its soothing properties, while Ylang promotes feelings of joy and ease. If, on the other hand, you are feeling lackadaisical, Ceylon Pink Grapefruit Aromaveda Incense Sticks will certainly perk you up and make you feel more energized.

Candles and incense sticks are also highly potent in alleviating emotional difficulties. There are scents that tackle and combat the gamut of negative feelings we experience. Sandalwood is known to sooth irritation and lift depression, while Vetiver is extremely grounding, easing anxiety and stress. Our Sandal Vetiver Aromaveda Natural Candle combine both these offering a powerful antidote when you are down, upset or apprehensive. Whatever your emotional struggle may be, you are sure to find a fragrance to help you overcome it.

Concentration, comfort and cleansing

Beyond the curative, lighting candles and incense sticks have a range of other benefits as well. Candles in Ayurveda are lit during meditation. When using the appropriate fragrance, the candle provides a quick grounding effect, thus enabling better concentration. There are also many visualization exercises that call for deep focus on a candle’s flame. Referred to as Trakata (candle gazing) in Yoga, staring at a candle’s flame improves concentration, promotes wellbeing, cleanses the etheric body, heightens productivity and improves eyesight.

Lighting a candle can immediately change the ambience of a room. A refreshing contrast to the harsh brightness of electric lights, the flickering flame of a candle is soft and relaxing. When candles are lit in a room, the space automatically becomes cozy and more intimate. There is a sense of relaxation that permeates from the soft glow of a candle and candlelight is known to have an almost instantaneous calming effect on the mind.

Given its disinfecting properties, incense in Ayurveda is often used to purify the air. You can light an incense stick of any aroma to refresh and renew your space. Incense in Ayurveda is also believed to be highly spiritual and many light incense sticks before starting something new. It is a ritual aimed at clearing the air by dispelling any negative energy.

Achieving balance

Just like other classical forms of medicine, Ayurveda divides bodily substances into five classical elements, or panchamahabhuta: earth, water, fire, air and ether. Health and wellbeing are possible when these elements are properly balanced. By using the element of fire, both incense sticks and candles can help correct certain imbalances among the five elements, thus establishing physical and mental harmony.

Candles and incense sticks are powerful for so many reasons. You can use them in every room in your home and even in your workplace. The most wonderful thing of all is that all you really need to do is light it. You can then get about whatever it is you are doing and you will automatically reap their many benefits.

- Marissa Jansz

  • November 01, 2020
  • Aruntha Vijay