Discover our range of collections to care for your face, eyes and lips. With a selection of juicy lip balms that are deeep conditioning and refreshing to 100% pure precious sandlewood oil for targeted care of skin around the eyes.

WHITE TUBEROSE - Facial Scrub 100g

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A light natural formula with fine fruit particles & 100% pure precious Tuberose oil to gently lighten, brighten & illuminate skin. Deep-acting Neem, Walnut & White Minerals combine to gently exfoliate & purify skin, effectively clearing clogged pores, removing dead cells & excess surface oil. Arnica, Rice Bran & natural vitamins help control excessive oil, while Licorice, Green Tea, Watercress...

WHITE ROSE - Facial Cleansing Gel 100ml-Facial cleanser

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An ultra-mild, soft-foaming PH balanced formula with pure floral essence to gently cleanse & purify skin, while protecting delicate natural balance. Green Olive & Coconut help dissolve impurities & effectively remove make-up. Organic Aloe Vera, pure Witch Hazel & natural vitamins help promote overall skin tone & help gently lighten, brighten & illuminate skin, Licorice, Green Tea, Watercress & Bearberry...

NEEM & TEA TREE - Mattifying All - day Protector SPF 5+ 100g -facial moisturiser

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An instantly-absorbent non-oily formula enriched with balancing Witch Hazel, soothing Aloe Vera & natural minerals to help keep skin looking matte & oil-free for longer. Enriched with triple UV sunscreens to help protect skin from harmful rays of the sun. Naturally soothing Arnica, Ceylon Margosa & Peppermint combine to help cool & comfort skin, calming acne & minimising imperfections. Watercress...

WHITE SANDAL - Soothing Eye Serum

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 A mild, instantly absorbent formula with 100% pure precious Sandalwood oil, for targeted care of skin around the eyes. Pure organic Aloe Vera & cooling Witch Hazel help soothe, hydrate & refresh, instantly giving skin under eyes a more rested & more youthful appearance. Concentrated Olive extracts, Sandalwood & natural vitamins help improve skin tone, while Licorice, Green Tea, Watercress...


Lip Balm Set - 4 Juicy Lip Balms (Lime, Neroli Blossom, Grapefruit & Coffee)

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A selection of 4 juicy Lip Balms with deep-conditioning & refreshing blends of  exotic essential oils & fruit butters that melt on your lips for soft natural shine.  Virgin Coconut, Olive & Soya help instantly hydrate, nourish & protect lips from cold & dry weather.  Avocado, Mango & Cocoa Butter, Rice Bran, & Almond help soothe dryness & smoothen lips....


Lip balm set- 3 juicy lip balms (Ceylon Lime, Neroli Blossom, Ceylon Grapefruit)

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A collection of naturally rich lip care treatments enriched with Virgin Coconut, Olive & Soya help instantly hydrate, nourish & protect lips from cold & dry weather. Sweet Almond & Mango help soothe dryness & smoothen lips. Infused with pure aromatic essential oils to soothe, calm & relax. Ceylon Lime - refreshes & cares, size 12g Neroli Blossom - calms...