An instantly-absorbent non-oily formula, with natural minerals to help keep skin looking matt & oil-free for longer.

Kasthuri Kaha Night Cream


A nourishing, rich blend infused with Kasthuri Kaha and many other ingredients to promote smoother skin and continuous hydration, which results in even-toned, soft and supple skin. Key Ingredients Kasthuri Kaha – – contains antioxidants and anti inflammatory enzymes to promote skin renewal – Effectively removed suntans and discolorations – soothes skin conditions – helps to lighten and brighten the skin,...

WHITE RICE - Nourishing All-Day Protector 100g

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A fast-absorbent protective & fortifying formula enriched with pure Rice Bran Oil – rich in naturally anti-oxidant & youth-giving Gamma Oryzanol. Enriched with triple UV sunscreens to protect skin from the harmful rays of the sun, while natural minerals help keep skin looking matte & oil-free for longer. Licorice & Watercress help improve overall skin tone, while Green Tea &...