Experience our collection of soothing and relaxing body and pillow mist with a blend of essential oils and herbs to promote peace and harmony. Soothing Lavender gently relaxes, while pure peppermint cools the body & helps clarify senses. Our collection includes quick drying non-oily natural mist to promote deep restful sleep.

SENSUAL SANDALWOOD - Body & Pillow Mist - 100ml


Capture the magic of sensual Sandalwood with richly fragrant Soothing Body Mist! A soothing & protective mist with a blend of herbs & essential oils Hydrate & de-stress the body & mind. Organic Mysore Sandalwood helps cool, calm & relieves the senses while soothing & balancing the skin. Earthy Vetiver deeply relaxes & promotes tranquility, while precious Patchouli helps de-stress...