Discover our collection of happy-uplifting balms that promote clarity, refresh the senses and soothes the body and mind. Using powerful ayurveda herbs and potent herbs, slowly unwind, relax and revive your senses.

HAPPY Uplifting Balm - 25g / 50g

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A 100% natural formula. Refreshes & invigorates, promoting positive energies & happiness. Gently soothes & uplifts the senses. Dosha: Tridosha Skin Type: Suitable for all dosha & skin types. Method of Use: Apply finely on temples, behind ears, back of neck & inner wrists. Gently breathe in & relax. 100% Natural Ayurveda Actives: Spearmint, Orange, Lemon, Lime, Rosemary, Soya Bean, Patchouli, Natural Vitamin...

HAPPY Uplifting Balm Roll On - 10ml

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100% natural action refreshes & invigorates the senses, promoting vibrant positive energies & happiness. Gently lightens mood, soothing, uplifting & delighting the senses. Presented in liquid form, packed in a travel-easy convenient roll-on, to soothe your body, mind & soul even while on the go. The packaging is adorned with insignia inspired by the Royal Kandyan Courts of ancient Ceylon. Dosha: Tridosha...