Discover our range of relax foot relief balm and roll on. Immediate relief from overworked, swollen, foot pains and sprains. Cooling and soothing gently unwind and rejuvenate tired feet.

RELAX Foot Relief Balm Roll On 10ml

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A calming & relaxing natural balm with powerful Ayurveda herbs & potent essential oils. Frankincense – Deeply, calming helps still the mind & ease stress. Tangerine & Kaffir Lime - promote clarity &refresh the senses. Grapefruit & Bergamot - help uplift & revive. Sandalwood – Soothing, helps harmonize & balance the chakras. Dosha: Tridosha Skin Type: Suitable for all Dosha & skin...

RELAX - Foot Relief Balm


Instant natural cooling & soothing relief from tired, over worked, swollen feet, foot pains & sprains. Gently soothes & relaxes the senses.  Dosha:             Tridosha Skin Type:      Suitable for all dosha & skin types. Method of Use:  Apply all over feet, ankles & calves. Gently massage & leave on. Re-apply as required. 100% Vegetarian, Not tested on animals, Sustainable Harvesting, Supports...

RELAX -Herbal Infusion - Silken Tea Bags


A signature blend of time-tested Ayurveda herbs with proven natural benefits. Helps take away daily stress, gently unwind & comfort the body & mind. Rich in natural anti-oxidants & cooling properties to help improve overall health & well-being. The sweet spicy flavour & natural aroma helps soothe & comfort the senses. How to Use: Draw fresh cold water into a...