A nourishing, rich blend infused with Kasthuri Kaha and many other ingredients to promote smoother skin and continuous hydration, which results in even-toned, soft and supple skin.

Key Ingredients
 Kasthuri Kaha
– contains antioxidants and anti inflammatory enzymes to promote skin renewal
– Effectively removed suntans and discolorations
– soothes skin conditions
– helps to lighten and brighten the skin, improving the overall skin texture

 Alpha Arbutin
– reduce dark spots
– helps remove pigmentation and acne scars

– skin brightening agent
– removes discolorations

 Manjistha extract
– helps mantain clear, spot free skin
– promote skin lightening

Key Benefits?
– Lightens the skin
– moisturize and leaves your skin feeling extremely soft and hydrated
– very smooth and light texture, which absorbs into the skin very easily
– helps fade discolorations, dry patches and pigmentations
– fades dark spots and acne marks effectively
– Paraben Free and Sulphate Free!
– contains no harsh chemicals

~ To be used during the night ~