Our range of Glycerin bars are made with plant based Glycerin along with premium quality natural oils.
Shea Butter Glycerin Bar is ideal for all skin types and is ideal for those looking for that extra nourishment.

Key Ingredients?
Shea Butter
– boost skin moisturization
– softens and hydrates skin
– improve the skin’s natural barrier
– supports the production and release of collagen
– anti inflammatory compounds to sooth and nourish the skin
– moisturize, sooth and hydrate your skin from within
– antioxidant effects which repair damage and slow down aging process of the skin

Olive Oil
– improve skin moisturization
– skin hydrating

Key Benefits?
– help reduce dry skin by helping the skin to retain moisture
– makes your skin softer and smoother
– promote overrall skin health
– repair skin damage and ease irritated, unhealthy skin
– improve skin elasticity and texture

  • An alcohol free, vegan friendly glycerin soap bar made with 100% pure essential oils.
  • Contains no chemicals, making it suitable even for sensitive skin.
  • Suitable to be used on both face and body making it very convenient
  • Comes with a natural soothing fragrance